For the sellers : We make sure to realize their objective. We have experience in Central America, South America, Africa & Asia. Already today we sell from about 30 exporters from various origins. We commercialize their coffee, but we can do much more than that. We can offer Exporters & Producer-organizations a personal tailor-made solution to promote their coffee from a single point in the heart of the European coffee market. (CTA has also a privileged partnership in Japan) We do have some exclusive representations from exporters that entrust their commercialization thru us. This means that many things can be studied in the spirit of close collaboration. Our aim is to have high qualitative projects that can have our dedicated and appropriate attention. Good to know for Exporters and producers is that Mr. Christian Meeùs learned the coffee business, back in the late 70's by living and working on the plantations in various coffee producing countries.

For the buyers : We make sure to inform them about the situation in the region where we operate and update them about the exporters with whom we work.
We also see that they have the complete satisfaction of their relation thru us with the exporters with whom we work to achieve long standing relationships.

We usually sell from origin on FOB basis or FCMill. When we sell from origin at price to be fixed, it is at seller's call.

CTA has its own well known private brands like:

"EL CAPITAN" (CTA), "MILADY" (CTA),  "TRINCHERAS" (COJCAFE/CTA), "EL BARON" (CTA), 4C single plantation coffee in Nicaragua:Hacienda Ciudadela, brand: "ASTURIAS" (COJCAFE/CTA), "CTA-MARAGOGIPE-SUPERIOR " (CTA), MARAGOGIPE "CUNA" (CTA), MARAGOGIPE "CUNA II" (CTA), etc...


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